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Shout out to Livernois

Started by Brucelinc, March 31, 2019, 12:17:35 PM

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I had a Livernois tune on my 2010 Ecoboost MKS and I was very happy with it.   When I obtained a 2016 Mustang GT, I got a Livernois tune for it and was equally impressed.    I now have a 2018 Mustang GT so I obtained their new tuning device and got their flex fuel tune....a tune that allows me to run E85, 93 or any any combination of the two.   It "learns" what is in the tank and adjusts AFR, timing, etc. to maximize performance for the fuel being used.

Unfortunately, my 2018 Mustang would not learn the E85 fuel so it would not adjust the engine parameters.   Consequently, I got a CEL showing too lean on both banks.   I spoke with Jake and Anthony.   We tried numerous things to fix the issue to no avail.   Never ONCE did they blame me or the car.   They bent over backwards to address my concern.   Andy and Dan got involved and we tried a couple of tune updates that didn't make a difference.   Finally, thinking outside the box, they found the issue and got it corrected.

My car was a bit of an anomaly.   Shortly after getting it, the dealer did a PCM update and the strategy code changed to somewhat of a one-off code.   That code simply would not accept all facets of the flex tune.   Dan did his magic and now the car runs great on E85, 93 or any combination.   The engine parameters adjust appropriately and the car runs like a scalded dog on 93 and like a raped ape on E85.

I want to thank the Livernois team for taking ownership of this problem and providing great customer service!   I could have driven Anthony crazy with emails and calls.   However, he always responded quickly and called me several times to provide updates on what they were doing to correct the problem.


Fantastic to hear!

What a spectacular testimonial.

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading and reminds me of all the reasons why not only did I choose LMS to begin with so many years ago, but also why I've remained steadfastly loyal to them to this very day.

Stellar folks there, with an impressive facility and equipment to boot!

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I love LMS for the customer service props to them for covering soOOOO many setups and have been nothing but awesome to me.
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They have certainly stepped UP there game as far as customer service goes! Awesome sauce indeed! Z

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Yes sir... I have to add that I recently got a 2016 MKS after a total loss of my 13... After swapping all parts to my 2016 and getting my calibrator tuner reprogrammed... I went to install the new tune and I got an error code that my car was basically incompatable... Called them up and they saw that for whatever reason my strategy wasn't in the system which was a little unusual for a 16. Anyhow they made some calls and emails to the manufacturer and had my strategy and update to me literally within an hour... I was really impressed with the urgency they handled my concern. 👍👍
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