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UPR Install Diagram Problem

Started by jacketfan, April 23, 2018, 08:54:51 PM

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See attached picture.  When I installed my catch can system, their was only one way the hoses would reach the clean side can, and still allow the VPS sensor to connect.  Unfortunately, this did not match the installation diagram.  The VPS sensor is located at the blue X, and the short wire would not allow me to connect the number 4 hose as shown.  I had to connect the hoses as shown in RED.  With some extra hose I have, I can route the #4 hose up to pick up the sensor, and then back down so the hose connects at both #4 locations.  Then, I can route the #4 hose as shown by the very light gray line in the diagram.  I don't know why the hoses in the kit would not allow me to route as shown, but now I need to know what to do.  Can someone help with this?   
2015 2.7


Update - I was able to connect with a tech at UPR.  He told me the install diagram was backwards, and I actually have it connected correctly.  Also, on the P04DB error codes, I asked him if replacing the braided hose might help.  His answer was:  It can help but what is happening is the sensor is seeing a different airflow now. Some will tune the truck to shut this code off or remove the driver side portion and leave that side stock. It's not hurting the truck. Just a different reading.
2015 2.7