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Author Topic: "How-To" Upgrade Interior Lights to LED (2010 Model Year).....  (Read 13842 times)

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Below are the steps I took to convert over my entire interior from the standard, factory installed incandescent type bulbs, over to LED's.

It is important to note, that this mod was performed on my 2010 SHO, and others have since found out, there are, or may be, variations in the lamp housing assemblies, depending on model year owned, and/or what option pkg's were ordered.

Although generally speaking, the procedures are very similar, if not the same, actual bulbs needed may vary slightly, therefore, it is strongly recommended double checking your own individual application(s) prior to placing a product order, or inquiring if returns are accepted.

Now I opted to order up LED replacements as they last 10 times longer than the standard/stock/OEM bulbs, draw signifigantly less power, and operate at cooler temperatures.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the overall outcome!

It goes without saying that the LED's are much brighter than the halogens, but the specific LED's I ordered have a wide angle dispersing effect so I noticed the light coverage overall was more 'complete'.

Particularly in the inside of the car / interior cabin area(s).

Below are some pics of tools you will need. Steps to take. What you can expect before and after.

This was a relatively easy swap, so I'm sure any of you can do it. Total time took me approximately 45min. Any questions or w/e, just ask or pm me.

Some basic tools you will need are as follows:

1. Small & Medium sized Philips Screwdrivers
2. Putty knife (or other similiar flat edged prying tool)
3. Pair of needle nosed pliers (slightly bent on the end)
4. Couple of cold beers on standby for when you finish the job.

Here's a couple of pics of the yellowish looking, standard/stock/OEM bulbs. These were/are located in the front map/courtesy area where the switches are at for the sunroof.

Here's what they look like after the LED's are installed:

...... it was pretty easy swapping out these bulbs.

Essentially, using your putty knife, work all along the edges of the clear plastic, GENTLY prying the tabs downward. The entire clear plastic piece will eventually dislodge, allowing you access to the bulbs themselves.

I next used the needle nose pliers to aid in removing the bulbs as I couldn't get my fat lil fingers in the hole enough to grasp them and remove them using my own bare hands. Simply replace the bulb with the L.E.D. & wallah!

Moving along to the three overhead lights (one is stationary, the outer two are mounted in swivel pods for aiming/directional use). You will once again need the putty knife to remove the clear plastic piece. Repeat as above by gently prying the tabs downward 'til the piece comes off.

Next, you will have to remove the pods by aiming the light all the way to one side, then use your putty knife to pry the pod itself out from the hole it swivels within.

After removing the swivel pods, there are two tiny arse screws that hold the outer plastic shell and reflector lens to the "basket" where the bulb itself is located in.

I can't tell you how many times I dropped those stupid lil things onto the carpeting. I suppose if you had a magnetized screwdriver, that might even be better. But regardless, after a few attempts, I finally was able to get 'em back together. Here's some pics:

Here's a pic (re-post) of those swivel pods apart---- notice the reflector housing. It actually sits inside of the plastic outer shell and is held together by these PITA lil screws:

A couple of post install pics of the interior illuminated in all LED:

Rear License Plate Light(s):

Interior Visor Vanity Light(s):

Here's a pic of what the standard/stock/OEM bulb looks like side-by-side in comparison to the LED:

I hope that this "how-to" thread has been of some use to those of you who may be considering performing this mod.

For those that are familiar with the process already, I hope at least you enjoyed the pics :thumb:

As far as part numbers of bulbs, etc. each mfg'er will use their own charts and part #'s.....

Autolumination will cue you in to what you need to buy, but below is a general, overall list of bulbs from Sylvania.

Some of these bulbs will cross list / reference with LED's, but the crappy thing is that that some LED bulbs don't fit at the base, are too long, etc.

If you don't buy from a reputable seller, there can be SIGNIFICANT variations in color of EACH bulb.

I have consistently ordered from here when buying LED's:

Here is that general list of bulbs, sizes, etc:

High & low beam headlamp

Parking light

Front turn signal

Rear turn signal
992 (7440A)

Tail light

Stop light

High mount stop light

License plate

Back up light

Front sidemarker

Rear sidemarker

Map light

Dome light

As always, comments are both welcome and appreciated.

Happy modding y'all :ok:

Mike :beer:
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Re: "How-To" Upgrade Interior Lights to LED (2010 Model Year).....
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When it comes to ordering LED's.....

Besides Autolumination that I noted in my OP, here are a couple of other companies worth your time in scrolling their websites and perusing their product offerings:

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Re: "How-To" Upgrade Interior Lights to LED (2010 Model Year).....
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Also,  our vendor Retrosolutions has all these bulbs available.   You can check the vendor section and give them a call,  email,  or visit their website. They can work up a complete package for the whole car and they have great pricing too!

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Re: "How-To" Upgrade Interior Lights to LED (2010 Model Year).....
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2013, 07:16:24 PM »
Great Idea!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!!   But.. I'm too lazy...
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Re: "How-To" Upgrade Interior Lights to LED (2010 Model Year).....
« Reply #4 on: November 10, 2017, 03:01:18 PM »
Done! Hopefully they last for many Generations to come .Z
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