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F150 Rear Kits

Started by Todd TCE, August 29, 2014, 04:29:02 PM

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Todd TCE

Figured I'd update the forum here and let folks know I have the first (and of yet only) 16" rear Big Brake Kit done for an F150 customer.

The kit retains the parking brake using an iron rotor hat. The rotors, like the front, are 16 x 1.375 and fit a smaller bore TC6R six piston Wilwood caliper to it. The kit is engineered to be a simple bolt on with only some light trimming of the dust plate possibly required. Also requires cut and flaring of stock steel hardline for ss brake hose adaptation.

Go big or go home! This new kit is priced at $2479 and can be combined with our front kit for additional savings.

RIGHT NOW: Get this first run kit for test fit and feedback shipped to your door with a matching front kit for a little as $5000. Bottom line; I want this kit installed and photographed. You help, you save.