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Pcv issue or turbo seals?

Started by 13shonuff, March 07, 2023, 04:51:15 PM

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I have a 2013 SHO. after my atp turbos blew up from turbine housing cracking and atp not servicing or selling these sets anymore I was left with $2500 oily paper weights I decided to hold off on upgrading the turbos again. I got billet chra for a set of blown stockers from work.(19 years auto tech) I had a lot of smoke which was expected, turbo blew and was down 3 qts that went directly into the down pipe and so on, it was leaking out the tail pipe going on The flatbed when it blew and then sat Al winter. Anyways after driving hard and normal it got better. Now it only smokes on decal. Bad like I just did a top end cleaning service(like sea foam). After a couple minutes of no boost driving it is gone but a hint of oil burning is still there… I go under car and investigate the new turbos.. rear right looks good, no signs of oil around turbo or in the pipes. The front left turbo is leaking around the band clamp, and the lower pipe is pooling with oil. My question how common Is it to get a bad chra, or turbo. Also could it be that I’m building up pressure in the crank case and it’s pushing oil up the return line? Or another issue with the Pcv system. When I take of the line to the Pcv valve it is oily more than normal.. I have great compression, no leaks In leak down test. Feed and drain oil lines clear. I am leaning towards a new chra because correct me if I’m wrong if I was building excess pressure in the crank case it would be pooling out of both turbos? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Car has hpfp, lpfp, Catless dp, cai, magnaflow exhaust with third car delete, plugs, thermostat, custom intercooler and piping and big, 50/50 meth, e30, 3 bar, oil separator on left bank And billet wheel stock turbos now