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650+ HP E85 EcoBoost Raptor

Started by Livernois Motorsports, May 22, 2020, 09:36:18 AM

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Livernois Motorsports

EcoBoost vehicles have been a mainstay and love of ours here since the 2010 SHO was released, and every year we support more and more of these amazing engines and vehicles outfitted with them, but no matter how much better they get from the factory, there are always 2 constants that remain with all of them. They always benefit from the same 2 things, an improved fuel system, and E85! We've been offering Flex Fuel on various EcoBoost platforms since 2015, and the 2017+ 3.5 HO in the Raptor and 2019+ F150 Limited are the most impressive ones yet! This 2019 Raptor featured below gains well over 160hp from our Flex Fuel offering on a safe, reliable daily use calibration, and on a more race oriented, limited use calibration shows the true potential of these by gaining over 225hp through the stock exhaust and intercooler! Check out the video to see exactly why E85 and improved fuel delivery is our go to on all things EcoBoost!

Here's a link to the Flex Fuel install package for more info