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Author Topic: How-to optimize drag results  (Read 730092 times)

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Re: How-to optimize drag results
« Reply #30 on: June 23, 2017, 05:25:21 pm »
So newby to the SHO and AWD launching here, hoping to get a little clarification on the boost brake launch.

As soon as you go green and let off brake do you plant the throttle or roll into it at same time you let off brake?

I know when I have been trying to datalog if I just mat it, it tends to spin allot more than rolling into it.  That is usually colder road vs prepped track though.

--avoid gravel, dirt, water at all costs.
--slowly drive into the box, and super creep to get the second stage light lit without rolling any further into it.
--brake hard
--push the gas so the rpm is 1900-2000 (for me).  keep it STEADY at that rpm.  The SOONER you can start this the better as you are low speed spooling the compressor.  With the compressor already spinning you have taken some of the inertia penalty away from the launch.
--wait for light number 3 on the full tree to light up.. this is 500ms between each light.  so,  yellow, yellow, yellow and go! BEFORE green.  100% stab\murder the gas pedal while releasing the brake.  do this simultaneously and as lightning fast as you can.
--hang on

** LANE ETIQUETTE!  *remember* 
-Know where the exit is... this is critical to not getting thrown off the track.  If the exit is on your LEFT,  and you are in the RIGHT lane. DO NOT CROSS THE LANES until the left car has exited FULLY.  And if the exit is on the RIGHT, and you are in the left lane do not cross the right lane until the right lane has fully exited.
-make eye contact with the lightman when lining up. its polite. and you will be able to communicate more.
-bring pants.
-bring shoes, no sandles
-bring a HELMET,  SNELL SA2010 or better (and yes there expensive-ish), Not a SNEL M2010 helmet although some tracks do not inspect that close, but if they do a M rated helmet is not the same as a SA rated helmet.

Awesome stuff. Great to know.


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