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Facebook Integration Question?

Started by StealBlueSho, August 27, 2020, 05:15:13 PM

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I have the option if allowing facebook accounts to register with EB-PF.Com This would allow Facebook users easier access to the forum with their facebook account. In my mind, this would allow the entire EBPF community to engage with each other. This would allow those who don't want another account to use the forums and those who wont use facebook to get exposure to those on facebook. It could potentially be a melding of the minds...

HOWEVER.. before I set this up, I wanted to know the communities opinions? There tends to be a strong opinion that the forums should remain uncontaminated with the facebook guys who create drama..

Thoughts? Opinions?


F Facebook right in the A.

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I would agree that one of the biggest draws (at least to me) of the forums is the lack of drama and trolling of facebook. I would think as long as the ban hammer was dropped quickly on anything that popped up here, it would not continue to be an issue.
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The thing thats nice about the forums is you dont get "THOSE" people that Join FB groups. They ask a simple question that gets asked weekly ( Hey what oil are you using? ) and they wait for hours for the answer that Google or the FB page search would get them the answer in seconds........


Right, but there is a lot of info on Facebook that never makes it here.

I'm gonna think on it...

I also need to figure out some issues with the forum software too...


I vote no for facebook, for what it is worth.
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I vote for it.  We could use the traffic, and it will allow others to gain info that have not idea about the archived knowledge here.
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I'm for it

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There is good and Bad for sure but I say do it and we will adapt.


I say go for it! Worse thing that could come from it is we have to deal with a few cry babies for a few weeks until they stop showing up.

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Alright. I have changed my mind. I just really enjoy the relative exclusivity of the forum vs. random dummies on FB. But it really does help the platform.

I vote for integration.

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