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Author Topic:  My car hates me  (Read 1633 times)

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My car hates me
« on: January 23, 2020, 02:20:09 PM »
So 5k later cars finally on the road with a bit of new parts and of course it now has more problems and it didnít have a headlight problem prior to all the repairs. So get the car back on the road and drive home 20miles at night headlight flashes twice. Thought I imagined it. Next day same drive headlight flashes about 10 times. Next night flashes about 30-40 times and sometimes stays off for a few seconds. Next night flashes but stays mostly off. I assume itís a loose wire but I donít have the time to tinker bring it to my mechanic. Tells me ballast is bad, swaps it out with a junkyard one they tested and was good.
Drive the car at night it flashes a few times, getting progressively worse. Brights donít work on either headlight. So messing around with the switch I keep putting brights on or flash them. Sometimes the headlight turns off a few seconds then back on. Same thing when going from brights back to regular it shuts off a few seconds. During the day I flash the brights on (not sure if itís the regular lights or brights) but lights go on for about 2 seconds and back off.

Assuming bad junkyard ballast? Would that explain the brights issue?

Also getting the ďconnect error-see dealerĒ error and now itís basically just on that all the time now.
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