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RockAuto / Re: RockAuto.com Discount Code for Parts & More - Expires 3/31/2019
« Last post by ZSHO on February 12, 2019, 11:39:07 AM »
New www.rockauto.com Discount code below.  Z  :)

This 5% discount code expires on April 14, 2019


Transmission / Re: Trans monitoring
« Last post by ChrisxEco on February 12, 2019, 07:51:07 AM »
Wish I still had my scangauge.   However, Is it possible to monitor the trans temp with the X4??  I couldn't locate it on my handheld when plugged in...  Thanks in advance.
Yes you can monitor trans temp with x4

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Exterior / Re: Splash Cover Repair
« Last post by SHOdded on February 12, 2019, 04:42:53 AM »
Troubleshooting / Re: Surging - Bad fuel injector?
« Last post by ZSHO on February 11, 2019, 04:34:17 PM »
I would temporarily Disconnect the Rear BOV Plug and only leave the Front BOV VTA! Bit of Trial and error .Z
Fuel and Additives / Re: LMS Remote Eblended Tunes!
« Last post by Livernois Motorsports on February 11, 2019, 01:13:55 PM »
108 is pretty normal for that e.t. Id say the other car has an abnormal time slip. My 12.9 was 107mph on my 93tune/filter/3bar... I would expect more out of the e30 tune. Especially since you have the upgraded pump. I have my boost @14psi because with e30 I like to keep it on the safer side.

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Yup, but that was the first remote eblended tune that LMS had ever sent out, and didn't actually demand any more load than the original v11 tune. I have received an updated tune since that opens it up quite a bit. Plus with the additional modifications I have done, i should see well below 12.5 this season. Just on the 60ft alone, getting that down to a 1.80 would take a tenth or more off.

Can't wait to see you get that car back out to the track this year and see what you can squeeze out of the car! That E30 tune should make a huge difference for sure, keep us updated when you plan on heading out to the track
RockAuto / Re: RockAuto Has a New TV Commercial!
« Last post by SHOdded on February 11, 2019, 01:11:26 PM »
Awesome, will watch!
Fuel and Additives / Re: E85 concentration above 85%?
« Last post by f8tlSHO on February 11, 2019, 09:51:40 AM »
If itís e54, you save money on fuel... corn gas is cheaper than 93 by a dollar here. To get your e30 you need more corn gas this way... as long as itís consistent Iím ok with it. Mine runs about e70 most of the time

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Datalogging and Gauges / Re: Odd negative LTFT values - 2012 F-150 EB
« Last post by jibtechwarrior on February 11, 2019, 09:46:17 AM »
My tuner messaged me the other day stating another 3.5 EcoBoost he's tuning (head games ported heads, twin EFR's) does not have the same negative trim issues as my truck, and his port work and mod list is far more aggressive. I considered the fact that perhaps I'm getting lower than optimal fuel pressure at cruise and idle (where the LTFT's go the most negative) causing poor atomization, but the DI pump and injectors are brand new, and the truck exhibits no signs of drivability issues other than poor highway fuel economy. I also double checked that rockauto sent me the right O≤ sensors and they are...17323 and 17321 respectively.

I smoke checked the intake as well. Found a crack in my intercooler and patched it - however it didn't make any difference in my LTFT values once it was repaired.

I'm open to advice, as I'm nearing the point of throwing parts at it - perhaps another set of OE injectors.

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SHO and MKS / Re: FSM
« Last post by craigtone on February 11, 2019, 07:45:28 AM »
Thanks everyone!!!
Transmission / Re: Taurus sho trans upgrade
« Last post by sm105k on February 11, 2019, 06:32:13 AM »
I wouldn't mind some transmission strengthening upgrades myself,  but it seems it'd be lost in the PTU anyway.

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why would this be the case?

is because the old Cadillac XTS had more hp than the SHO?

wasn't the XTS the only transversed platform that used GM's 3.6 TT?

thye SHO/MKS was usually faster than the XTS in testing (by like a tenth but still).

Ford also used their 3.5 TTDI in the Explorer, while GM did not use their 3.6TT in their large SUVs.

so i don't see why the GM trans would be the stronger trans necessarily.

It's simple....they aren't stronger.
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