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Turbos/Intercoolers / Re: Help! Removal of Rear Turbo
« Last post by 802SHO on July 02, 2020, 12:18:51 PM »
Thanks to you guys for all the tips. I wasn't sure about the knuckle-to-strut bolts which I marked in case it had a bearing on alignment but they went out in exactly the position they went back in. Drives very straight so I doubt this affected anything at all in terms of alignment.  Truck is now back together and running great, no leaks, heaps of power for a 3.5L!

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Troubleshooting / Re: 2015 Ford Explorer Sport - AC Compressor Not Starting
« Last post by lotusnotes on July 02, 2020, 12:07:40 PM »
So I figured this out - whoever mounted the light bar on this truck before I got it, mounted it in the lower bumper cutout, and it was touching the condenser. Throughout however many miles rubbing it eventually wore a hole through and lost the refrigerant so that's the issue.

So I have a new condenser, drier, and seal/o-ring kit coming and then will get it refilled. A very silly problem to have but not a terrible fix anyway!
Edge ST / Re: So Lets start some banter
« Last post by nickstewartroc on July 02, 2020, 11:59:05 AM »
+1 on the FiST. Love mine, going on 5 years now with it, upgraded turbo, full bolt on, E40 mix, it's a bad little bean haha
Ride of the Month / Re: 2020 June RoTM Winner!!!
« Last post by StealBlueSHO on July 02, 2020, 10:34:19 AM »
Sweet!! I'll PM you my address so you can send me the trophy and cash prize.
Sure thing!!!
Ride of the Month / Re: Ride of The Month - June 2020!!
« Last post by StealBlueSHO on July 02, 2020, 12:57:25 AM »
/flips page on calendar
Got slammed yesterday ... will anoint the RoTM later today...
General Discussion / Re: Need inexpensive tires for my 2013 SHO
« Last post by Macgyver on July 01, 2020, 11:59:47 PM »
Search Amazon. Sometimes they have really inexpensive named brands.
New Member Introductions / Re: New member central pa
« Last post by Macgyver on July 01, 2020, 11:57:34 PM »
Welcome and tell us what you have and plan to do.

LOL Shady Maple. Yup. Only 15 mins from there.
Tuning / Re: nGauge FAQs
« Last post by GhostlyGrenade on June 30, 2020, 11:33:45 PM »
there is a certain art with tuning that is refined only through trial and error to understand why the changes are needed and what each tuning modification affects in the long run.

This right here is what I'm saying and thats all that matters to anyone who  buys a tune from their tuner.
New Member Introductions / Re: New member from Northern Virginia
« Last post by 802SHO on June 30, 2020, 07:35:41 PM »
Try and hold on to your check book while you're at it!  Haha!  If you're going to do it...do it!

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Unleashed Tuning / Re: Month End Flash Sale X4 / BDX $399 6-30-20 Only
« Last post by StealBlueSHO on June 30, 2020, 04:24:32 PM »
Fantastic deal!!
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