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Vehicle Build topics / Re: BoostfoSHO 2015 SHO Build thread!
« Last post by BoostfoSHO on Today at 04:31:44 PM »
Finally got them on, I'm not gonna lie it was back breaking pain in the ass calipers fit some reason I struggled a lot with putting the pads on with an the clips and stuff. I took them apart a while ago and had forgotten how they went. Now I have the bedding process.

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Track Meet Ups! / Re: 2018 Ford National's - Carlisle, PA.
« Last post by bamsho on Today at 04:00:27 PM »
Pray MOTHER Nature doesnt have a freakin mood swing.
I found the LEFT WHEEL BEARING LOOSE with more than 1/4 play after removing axle nut........

The LEFT DRIVERS SIDE looked to be more worn IMO based on the PICS ^^^
I hope its a permanent fix this time around with the new updated metal thrust washers.  Z

The car overall feels Great and hopefully will have some TRACK-TIME.   :drive:


DE9Z-1104-D  Wheel Hubs(Bearings)

DG1Z-3B436-E  Front Axle Shaft

DG1Z-3B437-F  Front Axle Shaft

F2GZ-7G273-A  Thrust washers
Cold Air Intake / Re: AFE CAI for the 3.5 EB SHO
« Last post by gtmorgan23 on Today at 01:09:36 PM »
@ZSHO you are right. I didnt see it. Please delete this thread.
Unless Ford is willing to work the dealership in AZ and provide assistance in your case, the only other option I see is lawyering up.  Even then, I think it will depend on the lawyer, not the documentation ... :(
General Discussion / Re: Random thoughts for the day
« Last post by StealBlueSho on Today at 04:19:18 AM »
When the window washer low warning comes on and you initial thought is Oh Sh!t but then remember your not running meth anymore so your relieved... but then sad cause your just not that fast anymore...

Who knew a low fluid warning could cause so many emotions!

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Troubleshooting / Re: Rear turbo removal
« Last post by SHOdded on Today at 03:34:06 AM »
Pretty cool!
Vehicles for Sale / Re: 2015 SHO PP
« Last post by ZSHO on May 24, 2018, 03:47:39 AM »
Free Bump! I would of took it off your hands if it wasn't for the newly acquired Jeep... It would of been Cool to have two SHO 's in the Driveway.  Once again GLWS. Z
Some say Dan is good at customer service. I say Nope. Will never do business with him again. My 2cents there.
Datalogging and Gauges / Re: 2015 Ford Taurus SHO Forscan Mods
« Last post by Gjkrisa on May 23, 2018, 07:39:31 AM »
With Forscan, could you add a digital speedometer readout to the left hand gauge in the cluster like with the 2016+ model?
Might be able to I the forscan thread I have notes if you go thru the ipc and see what's different to yours you can probably find it.

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