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Direct Injection / Re: Why not straight E85?
« Last post by StinkinLinkin13 on Today at 02:26:21 PM »
I wonder what AJP would be able to do with that HPFP? 🤔 So let me ask this... Would a less efficient (volume) yet aggressive full E85 tune out perform a 93+meth tune all other things EQUAL? There seems to be and intersecting point in said options. Two different paths for the same results?
General Discussion / Re: Random thoughts for the day
« Last post by ZSHO on Today at 06:10:45 AM »
Callahan Brake Parts
Callahan CCK03712
FRONT Premium Semi-Loaded Red Coated Caliper Pair + Hardware Kit [Left & Right]. Z

2013 - 2017 Ford Explorer - Models with Heavy Duty Brakes; 352mm (13.86") Front Rotors ONLY..
General Discussion / Re: PTU leak
« Last post by ZSHO on Today at 05:35:59 AM »
I noticed your warranty is up next month and with the Holidays and all you need to stay on TOP of it and try to make an appt ASAP! Don't need any delay in the process,just some food for thought. Z   :)
New Member Introductions / Re: Old member returning
« Last post by SHOdded on Today at 01:28:24 AM »
Congrats and glad to have ya back!  Good luck with the 18, def post pics of the new ride when it arrives!  May not want the dealership to detail it for you tho if you don't trust them intimately LOL.
Drag Racing Results / Re: 7.931/90.76MPH @ 5150 lbs in the 1/8th
« Last post by Gray Brick on December 15, 2018, 03:20:35 PM »
The Flex is like driving a brick wall... not very aerodynamic!!!
SHO and MKS / Re: Stutter at WOT when cold.... Flashing CEL and Limp Mode...
« Last post by shoNoff on December 15, 2018, 02:39:26 PM »
Yea I seriously canít wait until I get datalogging with Brad. I ran into one issue after another last year towards the end of the season.
Eco Power Parts / Re: SHO gauge pod prototype here.
« Last post by shaundizzle15 on December 15, 2018, 01:18:48 PM »
She's a beaut Clark!
Eco Power Parts / Re: Picked up a Tremor, lots of fun going to be happening soon
« Last post by EcoPowerParts on December 15, 2018, 10:11:53 AM »
Ordered stock 15 spindles, new dropped control arms, I can't roll in stock wheels...

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Brakes / Re: Upgrading 2010 pp brakes. Suggestions!!!!!
« Last post by SHOdded on December 14, 2018, 05:36:33 PM »
I think they are G3000 material.  Maxbrakes makes G3500 material.  Other brands do too I am sure.
Intake/Exhaust / Re: Tiny boost leak, time to kill it
« Last post by Macgyver on December 14, 2018, 03:18:52 PM »
I am not sure.

You could rubber ball and duct tape the exhausts. adapt the blower to the main single intake? Leaf blower/shop vac on low. Not sure if the TB will cause enough of an obstruction. The turbo wheels will flow but not spin.

I am no expert here. I would be worried about too much pressure.

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