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Well, I pulled everything apart on the passenger side rear caliper.  The pads slide freely, no binding.  The parking brake engages, applies pressure to the pads.  When the parking brake is disengaged there is no more pressure on the pads, so no drag.

I still pulled the caliper up, rotated the piston in, it goes in freely, as in no binding, catching, nothing that would indicate a binding issue.

I then put it all back together, applied the brakes a few times, same pedal feel, then while holding the brakes applied the parking brake, again it released and no drag.

Went for a drive, it was fine, all the brake rotors were in the correct temperature range, about 148f-150f front, about 123-127f rear.

I then applied the parking brake, went in for the evening...

The next day I drove it around, came back and again the rear passenger side was way hotter than the drivers side rear.

Took it all apart again, this time I turns the caliper in a few extra turns after bottoming out.  I also tried turning it the other way and it would not rotate counter-clockwise.  So that just means that it operates as it should with the emergency brake allowing the piston to move outwards and the self-adjuster able to rotate freely in the direction of piston movement outwards.

I also took the opportunity to disconnect the parking brake cable from the caliper and pull the cable by hand out as far as it would go and verify that the return spring does pull it back into the sheath properly.  It all works as it should.  I even took the opportunity to spray some cable lube on the coated cable while it was pulled out MUCH further that it ever does in use.

Put it all back together and again, verified that the pads grab when under pedal pressure and when the emergency brake is applied and that there is play in the caliper when the emergency brake is disengaged so there is no drag on the rear caliper.  Everything passed with flying colors.

I will drive it a few days without using the emergency brake and see if there is any "change" to how everything operates and if there is any increased rotor temps.  I am expecting there not to be.

I did also pull apart one of the old calipers and the entire e-brake assembly is bathed in brake fluid and I can see why it is hard to bleed air out of them, so I will be removing both rear calipers from their brackets and holding them sideways while pressure bleeding to see if that doesn't "fix" the pedal issue.
General Discussion / Re: What have you done to your Ecoboosted vehicle today?
« Last post by Bklynite on November 27, 2021, 09:01:02 PM »
Finally installed GH intercooler.

Unleashed Tuning / Re: Black Friday Deals Extended through the weekend.
« Last post by Macgyver on November 27, 2021, 05:47:01 PM »
Thanks for the sale.
Troubleshooting / Re: 2013 Explorer Sport died in traffic, cranks no start
« Last post by savagefan on November 25, 2021, 09:00:54 PM »
I should also add, pending codes p0223

Historic codes PO122  PO131   PO132  Cheers.
Unleashed Tuning / Re: Unleashed Thanksgiving Specials
« Last post by Macgyver on November 25, 2021, 02:52:46 PM »
Happy Thanksgiving.

Good sale people.
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by Macgyver on November 25, 2021, 02:52:09 PM »
Hi and Welcome.
Group Purchases / Re: Custom Drive Shaft, Possibly Carbon Fiber
« Last post by Macgyver on November 25, 2021, 02:51:47 PM »
The Weak Point is ABSOLUTLY the Carrier bearing and the Bearing Brace point.

I have suspicions this particular failure was a result of a Heavy Handed AWD Dyno and a weakened brace point from the first failure. What really pisses me off is I just put a Brand new CORSA Cat back on the Car, ( the previous one was mangled by the last failure ), and it is now banged up all to hell.

For anyone who is curious, Both Shafts were of the OEM Ford variety. I had previously reached out to VooDoochikin [size=78%][/size] ; to ask about upgrading the Carrier bearing, even bought a used Driveshaft and had it sent to him to see if it was doable. But alas the OEM carrier is molded onto the shaft.

If the DORMAN shaft is FULLY serviceable i would re-approach, but that does not solve the issue of the weak mount point...

The first failure occurred at 170 MPH, and was due purely to Over speed. This second failure happened at around 115 MPH... so my money is on Weakness of the Welds from the previous repair and or a misalignment at the Carrier mount. Both Shafts Broke in the EXACT Same location.

I may just run my car FWD only again for awhile... I need a reliable Car here in Romania, (i moved), i cant be dealing with custom shaft issues here...

On a positive note the car made 530+ horse and over 600 ft pounds on the last dyno run at time of failure...

Once i get all my House hold goods here i can post pictures if anyone wants...

Post the pics. We love pics.

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RockAuto / Re: Easy Holiday Shopping This Year!
« Last post by Macgyver on November 22, 2021, 05:43:31 PM »
Rock Auto has great prices peeps.
Unleashed Tuning / Unleashed Black Friday Specials on now.
« Last post by tmcphail on November 20, 2021, 08:36:44 AM »

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