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Title: Rebuilding the Focus Monotune MR300 Kit for the Fusion
Post by: SHOdded on July 04, 2016, 02:05:40 AM
Courtesy of MightBeASynth:

When I first started digging into what I should do fora first round of mods I came across the Monotune MR300 without Exhaust kit which appealed to me as it promised to max out my stock turbo with some basic bolt-ons and a tune.

Problem for me was pretty much all of the components around the engine for the focus do not fit the fusion, so I went ahead and replicated the kit with fusion equivalents. After driving around for the last 2 weeks with the kit complete I can say this combo of mods is impressive for the little 2.0!

This is a great option to get ready for a big turbo, there is more lag, but it is not bad the car drives like a more powerful version of stock.

Details on the Monotune MR300 kit cross-reference  (

Good news, the fusion equivalent of this kit is nearly the same price as the original monotune kit, it could be had even cheaper too!
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