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Oil and Fluids / Re: Oil consumption
« Last post by shaundizzle15 on Today at 02:58:02 PM »
I do myself, six quarts including whats in the oil filter is what I use. with the cap off and lots of time for everything to run out.
Turbo Tech / Re: Porting stock turbos?
« Last post by shoNoff on Today at 02:53:05 PM »
I did actually this is the front turbo with a factory gasket on it. I agree Iím not expecting 50hp out of it or anything. But any free hp is good hp in my eyes.
Troubleshooting / Re: Power loss at mid and high rpm
« Last post by SHOdded on Today at 02:11:06 PM »
I would like to see you tell the stealership you are having this issue at 90-100 mph LOL.

When were plugs and fluids last serviced?  Belts look ok?  IAT snd IAT2?  I would start there.  Might be cats, but doesn't seem so.  If you have climate control on, may not be putting out enough voltage/amps.  If all else fails, check that fuses are firmly seated in the engine comp fuse box and try a KAM reset.
SHO and MKS / Re: Coolant Temp Gauge.....How?
« Last post by ZSHO on Today at 11:10:00 AM »
Sorry a bit late to the party but glad you figured it out.  Z  :)
General Discussion / Re: Torque Source 15
« Last post by StealBlueSho on Today at 11:05:48 AM »
Old post, but any updates on this? Running into this condition myself.

Only way around it is pulling the ABS fuse which lights up the dashboard like a Christmas tree....

But i sold off the 2010 and got a 2016 PP... that solved the issue permanently...

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Wheels/Tires / Re: before i dump the money...
« Last post by limited02 on Today at 07:53:28 AM »
Looking forward as well!  If you get a chance, weight the tire/wheel. 
Cold Air Intake / J2 Dual Feed Intake
« Last post by StealBlueSho on Today at 05:45:34 AM »
Agreed, I poorly worded the point I was trying to make...

10 psi is 10 psi on a particular turbo...But 10psi of hot air is not near as oxygen dense as cooler air. Thus why you see people having fuel pressure issues during the winter months and not the warmer months. More oxygen requires more fuel.

What I should have said was that in order to achieve the same power production that you get with colder air you will need more volume of the hotter air.

You can debate 9 ways to Sunday on whether you should be more concerned with or not with the IC being the real issue here with the heatsoak issues vs the pre turbo intake system....

However, being as we donít have an aftermarket readily available intercooler to help yet, it would be beneficial to keep the air coming into the turbo from intake system as cool as possible to assist in anyway...

Hot air hitting the compressor when it can be avoided is never as effective as getting fresh cool air.

But again... this is a moot point because they are now developing a box to help insulate the filter from the rest of the engine bay.

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General Discussion / Re: The 3.5 has let me down a little bit.
« Last post by Vortech347 on August 13, 2018, 11:02:54 PM »
Took the Mdesign out for it's first test run tonight.

It's mid 70's ambient.  From a stop with a 2200 RPM launch the car was fantastic.  Broke loose at launch then spun again around 4500.  Second torque steers like crazy, 3rd came in pulled better but meh.  However Cruising for a little bit then doing a 3rd gear kick down it feels much stronger  probably because the IC isn't heat soaked.

Here's a quick log I took.  I cruised for about 2 miles at 60mph, dropped down slow, locked it in 3rd, and pulled till it shifted.  Still have 96 oct from Torco in the tank. 

General Tuning / Re: Knock Issues even on stock tune - HELP!
« Last post by FoMoCoSHO on August 13, 2018, 06:46:06 PM »
So I noticed his comment about 4.5 before he leaves his driveway.

This sounds similar to the issue with the Lincoln where I was seeing +7 off idle which resulted in the entire timing assembly being replaced.

I don't know what the tech did right but this thing really doesn't have KR anymore. We've had it back for months and just saw a .7 on last weeks log. Before that I would see a very random .09 but otherwise nothing. I would have thought my sensors were broken had it not added normally.

Brakes / Re: Oem Brake parts for '14 PP?
« Last post by ZSHO on August 13, 2018, 04:05:56 PM »
FYI - I had the brakes ordered & replaced by the Ford dealer under warranty a couple years back & AFAIK these are the correct brake pads applicable to the PP- SHO!  Dunno!  Z

2013+ PP-SHO Front brake pads. 

Part #: BRF1475 (2001)   $72.69
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