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Author Topic: EcoBrickBob's "How-To" On Unleashed Tuning's Methanol Kit.....  (Read 17527 times)

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Re: EcoBrickBob's "How-To" On Unleashed Tuning's Methanol Kit.....
« Reply #15 on: November 11, 2017, 03:20:06 PM »
FYI -Hoping the PICS should be restored by Tomorrow or Mon.  Z


2013 Performance Package SHO| Livernois Custom Methanol Tune|3-Bar Map|Reische-170-Stat|Full Race Tial-10psi BOV in Black|PPE-Gloss Black Hot Pipes|EPP Dual Intake in Gloss Black|PPE Catted DP|Corsa Sport Cat Back Exhaust|H&R Sport-Springs|CFM Performance Billet Valve Cover Breather In Gloss Black|Llumar 20%Ceramic window Tint|MSD Ignition Coils in Black|Extreme Roof Spoiler|Redline Fluids all around|Gearhead Intercooler|First-SHO With Direct Port Alky-VP-M1-100%-Methanol Injection|LMS-Custom-Dyno-Tuned @ 415whp-465wtq| Best Trap Speed of 115.54 mph|


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