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TCE/Wilwood REAR brake kit ***SPECIAL***

Started by Todd TCE, July 09, 2015, 08:17:20 PM

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Todd TCE

Folks...I've got 12 pair of rear brackets sitting here collecting AZ dust.

Now I know many of you don't like the fact that this kit is a NON parking brake kit. And that's simply not going to change. But...They do me no good and need to be on your ride.


So I'm prepared to blow out some of them!  Normally this rear kit is $2129 plus shipping.

I'm going to tickle the fancy of the 'front kit only owners' with a deal on a single kit purchase: $1895 to the door. Save roughly $300 here.

For those of you who figured "some day" on these kits here's your deal: Purchase a FRONT and REAR kit (base value $4326 plus shipping) for $4092 and I'll pick up the ground UPS on both. That's a $234 savings on the rear kit and upwards of $200 in shipping.

CALL, EMAIL, PM, FACEBOOK, SMOKE SIGNALS...whatever works for you.
toddandchris1@cox.net   480-967-7901
*Drilled/slotted and custom fees still apply
**All shipments ground UPS, cont. US only
***Black or Red standard
****Slotted rotors standard
*****Build time: rear kits- 7-10 days, front kit- one available now

I'll leave this an open ended offer for now. But when I say 'done' it's done.



My annual longevity check doesn't post to my account until mid August.


I am wondering though, since I have the 15" rotor up front, & would ideally like to employ the same set up on my rears.....  That shouldn't be an issue, correct Todd?

Expect my (pending order) call in 4 weeks for the rears.

Todd TCE

The rears will remain 14.25"..sorry.

The basic reason being rotor selection: the rears are 1.10 and things are not engineered for the 1.25 width of the 15" discs there.