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2014 explorer rear seats

Started by noidster, November 05, 2014, 08:19:31 PM

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Just curious, the wife would rather have two seats in the rear vs. the bench seat. Has anyone swapped seats before, or priced it out. It would be great to find someone to swap with.
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I used to have a limited with the dual buckets but now my sport has the bench. I am not sure how that would work/look as there is an extra latch for the bench since its a 60/40 split. I know the option for the buckets is like an extra 2k
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I swapped mine out when I only had two boys in the back in car seats. If you switch then you're likely going to have an airbag light as the wiring is likely to be similar but not exactly the same but as far as mounting, belts, safety you should be able to simply swap the parts.

I had to look for a year or so to find the right year in the same color, it was a different trim technically but same patterns and bolted right in.