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Author Topic: "How-To" SHO and Flex convert to vent to atmosphere with factory blow off valves  (Read 668073 times)

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Really at a loss what could be causing it to vent only under light load. I have thought for the longest time it was just a symptom of an automatic car but it seems more and more like I might have hurt the BOV(s) when I fudged the capping of all four nipples...

My XSport does this occasionally as well. It's particularly noticeable when using cruise control up a light grade. It seems that the BOV noise coincides with the controller reducing throttle, which makes sense. If I wasn't VTA, I probably wouldn't ever notice it (no noise).

I put the breather filters on my BOVs and that muted the sound some for the light load blow off events, and made it substantially less annoying.

I'm not convinced that what you're experiencing is anything other than "normal." :)

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Back to Stock :(

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@- Mase would check the front/rear BOV to see if the Diaphragm is not torn and causing your issues. 2-8mm socket.
I would love to see some pics of the engine. Z

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As another alternative to those interested, I only disconnected from the BOV side and left the intake side of the tubes attached.  I then found the appropriate size "plug", which turned out to be a 1/2" PVC Cap.  I pushed the caps into the tubs and pulled the clamp back up over the caps.  Seems to be working well so far, and should be easier to reattached to stock if I want to for warranty work.
Do you have a pic? Interested in this

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So I found these on Amazon that looks like a solution


I am curious as to why you couldnt just set up the recirc again if the locations of the BPV's are the same? 

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