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wrong catch can and install kit ?

Started by jkeblaitis, June 23, 2014, 10:38:02 PM

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I received the wrong clean side separator and shipped it back .. and now I think I have the wrong catch can and kit also ?
2013 SHO, PP, tuxedo black, Airaid cai, LMS 3bar 93 V8 tune, Corsa black tip exhaust


This is the one I bought off swamp rat. It definitely looks different.  The fittings on yours look much closer together.

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The couple installs I seen the can has a different center fitting. . One with no check valve ?.. here is panther427's can
2013 SHO, PP, tuxedo black, Airaid cai, LMS 3bar 93 V8 tune, Corsa black tip exhaust


I sent an email to Tracy to have him review.
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Tuner Boost

That is the latest version....we are making the EcoBoost now standard with -8 fittings and hose instead of -6 so you dont need to use the reducers from the OEM barbs. This hose will slide right on the OEM barbs after you remove the OEM lines so you can keep the stock lines to put back to stock if you choose, and also don't have to use reducers on each barb now.  We absorbed the extra cost to produce with the changes for now as well (added app $20 in cost to each).

Hope that helps!

Tuner Boost

Also, while waiting for the cleanside separators all, install the system now and just run the cleanside line from the OEM barb on the drivers side (or cars, the clean side) barb to the filtered portion of your airbox as this shows: