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SHO RX OCC with Clean Side Installation Option's

Started by SwampRat, March 22, 2014, 06:04:46 PM

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Tuner Boost

For the car should be more than enough.



The only way 8ft of hose will be enough is if i install it where swamprat had his installed closest to the pcv valve as possible .. that doesn't give me too many options to install it in the coldest place possible. i cant even put it on the drivers side at all... For $500 i would think there should be a lot more hose then 8ft especially when there isn't a for sure install location yet... 8ft basically gives me 3 2ft sections for the can and 2 1ft sections for the T going to both intake pipes.   .... im not to smart nor have i installed one of these but 8ft don't seem like nearly enough. And is the clear tube for the drain or the clean side separator and if not for the separtor where is that hose ? And also i received two mounts that are used to install the can in a different vehicle ? ..personally i think you shouldn't sell the can for the sho until you do the installation in one yourself and sell it with the propper mounts, hose length and install instructions
2013 SHO, PP, tuxedo black, Airaid cai, LMS 3bar 93 V8 tune, Corsa black tip exhaust