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Who's looking for a Front Big Brake Kit DEAL ??

Started by Todd TCE, December 23, 2013, 01:41:45 PM

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Todd TCE

Anyone up for saving some coin?

I have a set of BLACK front calipers that were sent mistakenly to a customer as RS or "rear spindle" (the mounting location) when the should be FS or "front spindle" mount. My mistake...I sent the proper FS parts and got the RS parts back. I'm going to swap the fittings to make them FS parts rather than try and return them to Wilwood.

Rather than pay more shipping and return fees: the front kit is for sale to you.

Normally $2197...I'm offering this up to you for $1975- shipped. Save yourself over $250 on this front kit. All new pars, no funny business just my mistake and getting out from under it.

ONE kit, BLACK only, slotted rotors, ground ups. *Drilled and slotted option: add $135.

If you've been thinking; stop. Now's the time to buy and this is a great deal!