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TCE Kit general info
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:57:14 PM »
Thanks for the warm welcome. Seems that 25yrs later I'm still connected with the SHO, pretty cool.

For those who do not know; I was the Shop Manager for Bondurant for four years in the early 90s when the 'original' SHO was produced and used there. After breaking out to my own business I began production of the SHOstopper kit which was one of the very first kits for that car. And one of the first items really ever sold as a Big Brake Kit- this was new territory back then. Brembo, Baer, TCE..that was about it.

The market was soft after that with the V8 car for a variety of reasons. But here we are yet another ten years later and the interest is as high as ever, the product better still and we're all getting older! Isn't it great?

I've also run an SHO (yamaha) motor in my Pikes Peak car since inception back in 2000. With four wins, a variety of records there and elsewhere we've been 3.0, 3.2 and even 3.5L along the way. Fresh 3.0 coming back shortly...(rules change)

Anyhow, I'm happy to say that my shop has adapted to the new platform (Flex, Taurus, MKT, Explorer, MKS) with front and now rear kits (thanks to Kevin).

A few quick notes to be certain we're all on the same page.

1. Both front and rear kits are 14.25" diameter, directionally cast rotors. Fronts are 1.25" wide and rears are 1.10" wide. Both use Wilwood aluminum rotor hats.

2. Both kits feature Wilwood W4A calipers and share the same pads plates.

3. Both are radial mount, exclusive to TCE produced brackets.

4. The W4A was chosen up front rather than the W6A for what I feel are proper piston area specs. The keeps pedal feel and response in check and more importantly; brake bias. Both share the same bodies as the six pot so other than what you don't see, they are the same. For those who don't know performance is related to piston area, not piston qty. Just because a caliper has 8 pistons doesn't make it 2X as good as a 4 pot.

5. The pads supplied are general purpose Wilwood street pads. We offer a wide range of other pads for open track use also. But you are not married to Wilwood pads you can shop others.

6. Yes, ss hoses are also part of the package.

7. We talked of a 16" front kit but at this point I don't see that happening unless it's a custom- meaning I'm not building it until someone buys one!

8. There were some questions on a comment about rear clearance grinding. Yes you have to grind a bit of the aluminum off the rear knuckle. There is just no way I can make the bracket well enough without compromising strength without the removal. Here's an image of the shop part.

9. Lastly, yes, the rear kit remains a NON parking brake design. Not by choice but by design. Ford used a dual action caliper stock, we don't have a part suited to that use. And no, you cannot use both or the Wilwood mechanical etc on this. The disc is too large and too wide for either of those. The Wilwood parking brake kits will also not work as thy are made for solid rear axle cars. This remains the ONLY choice to date.

Hope this gives everyone some insight to things.


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