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Steering Noise

Started by LipschitzWrath, February 07, 2024, 09:04:26 AM

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For several months now, my 14 SHO has been making a steering noise. The noise occurs any time I turn the steering wheel left or right. The vehicle can be stationary or in motion, doesn't matter. The best description I can give for the sound is a grinding noise.

I have not yet noticed any problems or symptoms. I don't feel any feedback through the wheel, nor have noticed any increase in steering effort.

In fact, the only thing I've noticed is that sometimes after sitting overnight or over the weekend, the steering wheel feels locked in place for a second or two until I really pull on it.  After that, everything is fine.

A cursory glance on the underside hasn't shown anything. I've yet to put it up on jackstands and have someone else turn the wheel while I observe.

Has anybody had this happen? I'm guessing the rack has gone tango uniform but now I'm wondering if it could just be the assist unit?

The job doesn't seem hard, just slightly time consuming. How hard is the programming if I install a new rack or assist unit?

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Found this video. This isn't me but this is exactly what I'm dealing with.


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sounds to me like you have your diagnosis per the video.
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