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Forum Performance Issue Fixed

Started by Admin, February 05, 2024, 01:10:24 PM

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For the past week the forum has been underperforming due to an attempted scrape of the entire site. This should be resolved. If you are still experiencing performance issues with site loading let me know. Thank!


An attempted "scrape"?

I'm not techy. WTH does that mean (in layman's terms).

Some entity or individual tried hacking it/shutting it down completely?

If so..... geezuz. Why pick on this wonderful community?

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Basically where they try to make a copy of all the data on the website. They were also trying to escalate privileges to gain moderator access.

This happens a lot, to every forum.. this particular one was very persistent as the bot was going topic to topic, message to message.

Have another IP address this morning exhibiting the same behavior.. the new forum software has better logging capabilities, which is a curse and blessing lol.