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Body kits

Started by MKSJUNKIE, September 10, 2023, 01:28:12 PM

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So I am new to this forum and have been looking around at different topics and what not. I have not seen anything on body kits yet. I am wondering if anyone has been able to find kits or ground effects that fit a 2011 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost? I recently purchased different pieces off of EBay only to have to return them all due to fitment issues. Has anyone run into the same issues or have you been able to find a whole kit or have you pieced on together as I tried? Thanks all for whoever responds!


I thought I saw kits available, albeit several years back. Can't remember if they were custom in the sense there were just a few made in totality, or several were made from molds and made for mass sales.

I'll have to do some digging. Don't hold me to anything.

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Sounds good I appreciate it. I


3D Carbon made a specific body kit for the 2010 - 2012 MKS. It was full body and came in a 10 or 11 piece kit.

It was excellent! There were pics from one member years ago who had one put on his MKS in a cinnamon color.

I've looked, but it seems 3D Carbon is no longer producing them. However, if you really want a body kit, I would give them a call and see what options they may still have.


I seem to recall the Cinnamon color owners myself, and for the love of God, I can no longer source his images.

Frustrating. But good info on the vendor alone, even if they no longer are producing the product itself.

Definitely worth reaching out to them..... who knows as they may still have the molds. Or they may have sold the molds off to some other company. Worth inquiring.

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