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UPR catch can kit

Started by LincolnMKS15, May 01, 2023, 10:45:16 AM

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I currently have the J&L catch can and it is catching oil.  Have around 2 oz in 2k miles so far.  Would it be worth it to upgrade to the UPR system?  I found oil in the inter cooler pipe that runs across the back side of the engine.  Like the idea of not having oil recirculated into the intake system.  Hoping it would help with the oil in pipe.
2015 MKS EB. Roush CAI. Catch can.  More mods to come.


JL is really good. I did a home made set up on my SHO and then got a JL for cleaner looks. I now run a JL on my 2020 Edge ST.

I think the J&L is all you need.


Sounds good.  JL kit stays in.  Will save money for a tune!  Putting on Interceptor rotors and EBC green stuff pads this week.  Had bad brake shake at speed from warped stock rotors
2015 MKS EB. Roush CAI. Catch can.  More mods to come.


Ford OEM rotors are bad. Same issues with the Edge ST.

PP rotors are better they say. Same with Powerstop Rotors. Better than OEM non pp.


I know this is an old thread, I used the dirty side only J&L never collected more than moisture.  I went to UPR, my neighbor here in FL works for them.  I bought a dual valve and they shot a how to YT video.  Not posted yet.  I have pictures and UPR does sell an all parts configured hoses plug and play.  Will report how much oil and contaminants it pulls out.  The valve cover hose next to filler over to intake pipe is a direct fit.

I know there are those like me that need detailed installation instructions.  They are making a dual can and single can config.  PM me for details if anyone cares.  I am over in SHOFORUMS mainly.

I am selling my J&L.
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