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Author Topic:  2013 SHO w/pp. Replaced timing chain and water pump. still have issues  (Read 1458 times)

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13 sho w/pp. car has 110k miles. I bought the car brand new and have always done the maintenance myself. I was shocked when i tore apart the motor at how clean it was , it literally looked like a motor with under 20k on it. its been an awesome car for the last 10 years and never had any issues with it until now. Ill start from the beginning but also get to it
The car started overheating so i got it into the dealership. They diagnosed a new heater core was needed so they did the work and charged 3k.
I got the car home and the next day got in it and and it overheated so i brought it back and they said its the water pump, we ordered the parts and it will total 4k after labor. The issues with the dealership are an entire other topic so i wont get into it here. I ordered the parts and got to work.
So i replaced the water pump and timing chains, all of the tensioners and the crank sprocket. also changed the head gaskets and replaced the valve cover gaskets. also changed the sparkplugs and drained the ptu and trans and refilled with high quality fluids. actually underfilled the ptu a little bit and overfilled the trans a bit. When i got the motor back in and filled the fluids i got the car started and let it warm up and idle a few times. maby 5 or six times. I then drained and refilled the oil again and also put in a new oil filter. As of right now i believe i installed the belt one tooth off. I cant seem to get rid of a p0016 code that was not there before. Im also unable to fix a p0236 code even after checking the witing and replacing the turbo boos selanoid thats locatied next to the intake with the vacume lines coming from it. I also changed the map sensor that in front of the throttle body but the code is still showing up. The car itself starts and idles but its in no way doing well. it shutters and is way underpowered. I need help as I've exhausted my skill set. tomorrow im tearing the motor out again to fix the timing and get some clues as to what's happening. I also ordered a new intercooler.
Seeing as im blowing the motor apart again, is there anything i should replace? VVt sprockets? or cams/tappets? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
About me and my Skill level. For the last 2 years ive been a painter for the largest commercial airplane manufacturer in the puget sound area. The 20 years before this i was in the body shop pulling dents and laying paint. I hav always repaired my vehicles myself and have also done many motor swaps over the years. Mostly mustangs and hondas. I have the necessary tools and garage, hoists, jacks, etc..

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Re: 2013 SHO w/pp. Replaced timing chain and water pump. still have issues
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2023, 11:46:10 AM »
Thats a boat load of work and I am sorry you have to do it all over again.

I would say that if you know that you are off by 1. Maybe its off by more marks. So get that right first. Then worry about the P0236 code.

My guess is the waste gate is on the way out or you forgot a vacuum line to it.

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Re: 2013 SHO w/pp. Replaced timing chain and water pump. still have issues
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2023, 10:17:12 AM »
yes recheck the timing chain marks, make sure they line up perfectly.  if phasers are worn, that can make it difficult without replacing phasers.  even if phasers are good, sometimes you have to fiddle with the cams and timing chain to get them all to work in synchrony.

should also change the vct solenoids while in there. all metal shavings accumulate in their filter baskets and since you have to take the valve covers off anyway, do them this time around.
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