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I'm getting a P0161 code and new sensors aren't solving the issue.

Started by Mike67, February 02, 2023, 04:13:40 PM

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I have replaced the sensor twice and the first replacement coded again before I got out of the driveway, the second one lasted 10-15 miles and then coded again after I went through an automated car wash. IDK if the car wash caused it or if it was just a coincidence. My tuner thinks I have a bad wire or connection somewhere causing it. I checked the pins on the female connector where the O2 sensor plugs into last time and they looked good to me so that leads me to believe it's upstream from the connector. If I could get my hands on a wiring diagram for the car that would be great. Any recommendations on where to look and how to track the problem down would really be appreciated.2017 Taurus SHO


How far have you driven it with the code. Sometimes they are historical and need 60 miles to clear up.