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2023 Special Olympics Fundraiser - Polar Plunge

Started by bpd1151, February 01, 2023, 08:29:39 PM

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Hoping some of my fellow SHO owners here would consider donating to a worthy cause as I've decided for the 1st time ever to participate in my agency's involvement in the annual Special Olympics Polar Plunge Fundraiser.

Below is the link to my profile, which is affiliated with my LE agency.

[URL unfurl="true"]https://soill.donordrive.com/participant/Michael-Kraus[/URL]

Any assistance any of you can lend would be TREMENDOUSLY APPRECIATED.

Please pass along to any other's that you'd think would assist with a contribution as well.

100% of the proceeds go entirely to Special Olympics and the many individuals that benefit from these volunteer efforts.

Thank you VERY MUCH for any help that any of you could lend.

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