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2013 SHO Throttle Position Voltage

Started by Sbouvia, October 11, 2022, 08:46:04 PM

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So I have been been getting some interesting lights on randomly. About a month or so ago every light I think the sho has came on. Service advance trac, check engine, collision warning not available. So I took it to the dealer and they diagnosed it and told me I needed a slew of new parts including a throttle body ($350), steering rack($3,500), and ABS control module($1,000) because their scanner could not connect to any of those items. I asked if they checked wiring to make sure something didn't come loose as they had recently done some engine work. They stated they checked all wiring and it was fine. So instead of leaving it with them for the crazy amounts of parts noted I had it towed home and replaced the throttle body myself. Messed around a bit and low and behold that solved all of the warning lights. A few days ago all the warning lights came back on, I pulled over on the side of I295 just before the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in DC, unplugged and replugged the connectors to the throttle body and all the codes went away again. So at this time I am now thinking I have a wiring issue going on. Logs attached.
2013 SHO non-pp. Powerstop Top Cop kit rotors and stock Akebono Ceramic Pads, 3bar map sensor, 93 octane 3bar AJPTurbo tuned, but not dialed in.
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