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Looking for a EB shop in Boston Metro area

Started by NongFlexx96, October 25, 2021, 06:41:56 PM

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Hi everyone, I have a recently purchased 2014 Flex Limited EB with about 91,000 on it so the upgrades and replacements have already begun. I'm looking for any recommendations for a shop that knows how to deal with the EB engines so I can start doing heavy preventative maintenance and performance upgrades. My mechanic is good and treats me fairly, but they have to drop everything anytime a flat tire rolls in, so having my engine's top end all over the floor is not a recipe for success. I'm planning on having the car for a while and will continue to keep it running well (and faster) as time and schedule allows. I'd like to start a relationship with someone reputable. Any suggestions would be welcome.   


@Chris_Flex  is in Lancaster Pa.. It is a ways away but he might have a suggestion. He is currently one of the fastest out there.

I have a friend that Mods Nissans and Fords. He is in Fall River, Ma. He might be able to Mod your Flex or suggest someone. I will message him.


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Jim's auto repair, he's in east bridgewater. He has a SHO with 200k some miles on it.

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