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Tuning the Ranger before most were tuning.

Started by Quikv6, August 18, 2020, 05:02:49 PM

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Having owned tuned Ecoboosts before buying the Ranger I knew this was going to be a required modification. I went to youtube and watched the video from fast lane trucks testing out 5star's tune and it looked to wake the truck right up as well as improve shifts and general transmission performance. Being a fairly active member in Facebook groups I wanted to see if one of our preferred SHO tuners wanted to tackle the job before going rouge and trying out new unknown waters.

Lee from Ortiz was the first to step up to the plate. I contacted him before i even took delivery of the truck. He asked me to fill out a tune request form and when the truck came in I got him the strategy code. That's where it ended. Either it couldn't be done or Ortiz didn't want to bother. Contacted a few more times throughout the course of 2 months. Never got the tune.

Lund Racing tunes my 750whp 2015 Roush so I figured ask them. Straight up NO! they are not a fan of the 2.3 Eco. I see this as a mistake since Rangers are outselling Mustangs but its not my business.

Unleashed has tuned my SHO and my 16 F150 3.5 Eco. I emailed Torrie, he said buy the BDX and send him the strategy. We had to push in a new base strategy temporarily and I had my tune in a matter of hours. Truck is a completely different animal now. No I'm not looking for every last HP or every 1/10th in the 1/4mile. I wanted good clean reliable improvement over stock. Torrie delivered from first email to tune loaded in just under 4 days.   

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For what it's worth, I think Matt from gearhead posted something about tuning on of those a week or two ago. Pretty sure it was the ranger anyhow.
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Quote from: ridered74 on August 18, 2020, 09:47:36 PM
For what it's worth, I think Matt from gearhead posted something about tuning on of those a week or two ago. Pretty sure it was the ranger anyhow.

yes Matt does have a tune ....


Hey Kevin, just saw this. Sorry about the negative experience, we were struggling to get SCT to support them in the beginning, I wonder if Torrie was able to clone the Mustang strategy to get it done.

We just completed tuning one today, so after seeing this I asked Luis to look into it, I'd be really curious how our tune compares to Unleashed if you're still interested.
- Lee
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