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The Gen 2 Edge Sport hits low 12s in the quarter!

Started by SHOdded, November 09, 2019, 02:35:45 PM

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See the original FB post here if you are on it

Else, here is a list of the mods:
- High flow air filter (K&N)
- 170 thermostat
- Performance Intercooler (Ultimate Performance)
- IC Cold/Outlet pipe Mod (Rambo Fab)
- Hybrid Turbos (BNR)
- BOV (Turbomaster)
- Turbo blankets
- 2.5 Catless Down Pipes with Ceramic coating & exhaust (Zury Fab)
- Catch can (JLT)
- 65mm throttle body
- Crankcase breather (UPR)
- Cold Air Intake (JC Perf Dvlp)
- Meth Injection with D07 (640ml/min) nozzle (DevilsOwn)
- weight reduction

SHOs are not the only ones burning up the track anymore :D  Giddyup, it's time to hit the 10s already :P :P
2007 Ford Edge SEL, Powerstop F/R Brake Kit, TXT LED 6000K Lo & Hi Beams, W16W LED Reverse Bulbs, 3BSpec 2.5w Map Lights, 5W Cree rear dome lights, 5W Cree cargo light, DTBL LED Taillights

If tuned:  Take note of the strategy code as you return to stock (including 3 bar MAP to 2 bar MAP) -> take car in & get it serviced -> check strategy code when you get car back -> have tuner update your tune if the strategy code has changed -> reload tune -> ENJOY!


That's moving. For those that don't know my edge sport weighed 4875lbs at the track with me in it. 11's look to be around the corner.
2013 SHO PP 12.51 @ 110.07 AJP tuned sold
2016 edge sport 13.92 @ 99.4 mph. slow and stock baby mobile