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Author Topic: I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree  (Read 1974 times)

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I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree
« on: October 20, 2019, 12:59:57 AM »
Hey guys,

Iím new to the EcoBoost scene and just bought a 2019 2 days ago. I come from the Gt world and big diesel so Iím a little lost of somethings like dual blow off valve. Anyway I have around $5000k to put down for upgrades

Any suggestions on what thighs to get first? I know I was to get custom tunes so not sure on the tuner or who to get tunes from. Iíd love a e85 time for sure. Iíd like to get all the standard bolt ins for now so if anybody has a list or then top 10 list and send it my way I would greatly appreciate it. I absolutely love the carb even with the 10 speed auto. Iv always been stuck everything but Iím damn impressed with what this csr can do.

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Re: I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2019, 02:37:08 AM »
Welcome!  Post pics of your new and old rides :D
2007 Ford Edge SEL, Powerstop F/R Brake Kit, TXT LED 6000K Lo & Hi Beams, W16W LED Reverse Bulbs, 3BSpec 2.5w Map Lights, 5W Cree rear dome lights, 5W Cree cargo light, DTBL LED Taillights

If tuned:  Take note of the strategy code as you return to stock (including 3 bar MAP to 2 bar MAP) -> take car in & get it serviced -> check strategy code when you get car back -> have tuner update your tune if the strategy code has changed -> reload tune -> ENJOY!

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Re: I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2019, 07:48:34 AM »
Greetings from Nebraska.

2013 Taurus Police Interceptor. AWD, Eco-Boost.
2015 Lincoln Navigator L, 4x4, Eco-Boost.
1995 Trans Am LT1, 6spd, Low miles, all stock.

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Re: I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2019, 09:37:42 AM »
This is an old post but its probably still a great starting point to understand where to look.

2011 SHO, 3 Bar 93 LMS stage 4+x, ACES IV, 170 T-stat, PPE Catted DP's, Alpine Sound system, Touch screen HVAC controls, full window tint

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Re: I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree
« Reply #4 on: January 21, 2020, 07:16:08 PM »
My two cents:

Fabric filter
Front mount and charge pipes
Upgraded internal wastegate
PCV catch can
Crankcase breather
Lowering springs
Front and rear upgraded swaybars
Upgraded front and rear bushings
Etune for 93 and e30

Other considerations;
Water meth injection
Port injection / aux fuel kit

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Re: I do what to upgrade? 5k shopping spree
« Reply #5 on: January 22, 2020, 10:30:09 AM »
Welcome to the family.  $5k is a great

Def do the basics:
SCT tuner
colder plugs
3bar MAP
Drop in AEM filter(Or spend more and go K&N CAI, but no performance gain there)
PPE Downpipes
Then a tuner of your choice.  I went with Brad @ AJP turbo and highly recommend him.

That should put you about $1600 in

Biggest achiles heal(s) after that are intercooler and traction.
There is a new IC on the market that is getting awesome reviews, I think it is around $800-900?  Plus install. Plenty of posts here and guys have done the install themselves if you are handy with tools that saves $

If you can handle lowered car ride, the H&R springs are great, and improve handling and look. $200-250+ $30ish for the rear camber bolts.

That leaves about $2k.  Wheels and tires can soak up $ fast, but if you are thrifty you can get nice wheels and tires without blowing going over that.  275/40r20's are the hot ticket and will fit on 20*9.5 wheels with the 35 offset and not rub.
I snagged a screaming deal on Gmax AS-05's for $95/ea.  Right not they are $180-200/ea  I LOVE these tires, in fact I put a set on the wife's miata and it transformed her car too.  Tons of grip in dry and wet for an all season tire.
Wheels I went Voxx Lago for $675 set of 4.   Right now I see lago's around $880 for the set
'13 Sho PP, SCT x4, AJP 92-Octane rev6 (14psi&20spark) NGK 6510, 3Bar, K&N CAI, PPE Catted DP, Dynomax Axleback, 20*9.5 Voxx Lago.


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