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Author Topic: 3.5 Ecostang Git-n-er-done!  (Read 491 times)

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3.5 Ecostang Git-n-er-done!
« on: October 18, 2019, 01:33:16 PM »
This is not my car, I do not know this person or any affiliation, I just stumbled onto his channel when looking for SN95 mustang track videos. (New edge is still SN95 chassis)  thought some of you may enjoy the sights and sounds of an Eco doing something other than drag passes.

Didn't know it at 1st, but turns out he is running a 3.5Eco powerplant.  Pretty impressive with some of the company he is running with in a few videos on his page.  This link is just to his fast/lap videos.
AJ Hartman fastest laps playlist.
'13 Sho PP, SCT x4, AJP 92-Octane rev6 (14psi&20spark) NGK 6510, 3Bar, K&N CAI, PPE Catted DP, Dynomax Axleback, 20*9.5 Voxx Lago.

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Re: 3.5 Ecostang Git-n-er-done!
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2019, 01:51:56 PM »
I think he has a thread or two in the builds section here.
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If tuned:  Take note of the strategy code as you return to stock (including 3 bar MAP to 2 bar MAP) -> take car in & get it serviced -> check strategy code when you get car back -> have tuner update your tune if the strategy code has changed -> reload tune -> ENJOY!

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'13 Sho PP, SCT x4, AJP 92-Octane rev6 (14psi&20spark) NGK 6510, 3Bar, K&N CAI, PPE Catted DP, Dynomax Axleback, 20*9.5 Voxx Lago.


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