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  1. Swapped to PP trans by-pass T-stat (and coolant T-stat)-results
  2. 2013 Taurus SHO Transmission Cooler with ACC
  3. *HOW-TO* 2013+ Brakes on a 2010-2012...THEY WORK!!
  4. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost AD Transmission Mounts
  5. How To Install a PTU Drain Plug - Done on A 2010 Lincoln MKS - UPDATED 10-24-22
  6. Manually open and close intake valves
  7. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost Make that BBK 70mm TB fit TIGHT!
  8. Boost / Vacuum Source
  9. Datalogging with SCTx4 Device
  10. "How- To" 2010-2012 Brake Master Cylinder and Brake Booster Retrofit
  11. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer Steeda Rear Sway Bar Install
  12. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Foglights Install
  13. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer Tablet Installation For Torque Pro Gauge Display
  14. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer Improve Direct Airflow To Airbox Inlet
  15. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost Removal And Installation Of The Intake Manifold
  16. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost XDI +30% Fuel Injector Installation
  17. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost Improve a bit on the X35 Phenolic Spacer
  18. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer Rear Wiper Delete
  19. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost Change plugs / Trying out Brisk spark plugs
  20. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer In-Cabin LPFP Assembly Access
  21. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost PTU Build Thread
  22. HOW-TO: 2015 Explorer Fancy Tow Hook Bling
  23. HOW-TO: 3.5L EcoBoost DW300c Fuel Pump Assembly into Fuel Hanger
  24. Fuel Pump relay module FAIL - HOW TO - MUST READ!
  25. "How-To" PTU Fluid Exchange - glock-coma
  26. MOVED: chrome exterior door trim
  27. How To Clean A Foggy Rear View Camera
  28. Monitoring E levels on an E tune
  29. HOW to Do PTU Drain/Fill on 2013 PI or PP or with a Drain Plug "EASY WAY"
  30. PIC RESTORATION IN PROGRESS, THANK YOU for your patience!!!
  31. How to change fuel injectors - 2014 SHO
  32. How To Install AFE Power Throttle Body Spacer on 2011 SHO - Way Easy
  33. Rear Diff Drain plug
  34. "How-To" Retro-Fit 2013 Auxiliary Trans Cooler Onto '10-'12 SHO / EB Engines
  35. PTU Fluid Change on 14+Explorer
  36. PTU fluid change on 13+ PP
  37. "How-To" wire up a switch so you can manually turn the fans on - Kolk1
  38. "How-To" Get Your Lowered SHO Back Into OEM Alignment Specs...
  39. "How-To" Rearrange Your Trunk Lid Badging / Emblems....
  40. H&R Springs,Motorcraft,Strut,Shocks Install!!
  41. Updated PTU Vent Installed - 2011 SHO
  42. Remove Ford QD on the HPFP
  43. Replacing Fuel Injectors on a 2014 SHO
  44. tial wastegate for charge piping
  45. Radar rear view mirror Tap!
  46. Torque converter flush
  47. Want to Drill the Intercooler For Drain Valves - Need your Comments
  48. "How to" 13+ speaker and receiver replacement
  49. Throttle Body Motor assembly
  50. "How-To" Flex/SHO/Explorer Sport spring installation DIY

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