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June 17, 2013, 11:58:08 AM by EcoPowerParts
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Originally posted by ShoBoat

This mod has taken me quite some time to complete, I sourced the LED bulbs locally and the color was always off. They all had quite a bit of blue in the bulbs. Some almost to the point of being purple?? So I mucked around with this for a few weeks. I even changed the HID's to 6000K just to get it to match. No dice as the LED lower markers are about a 5000K color. Just my 2 cents if you want to match your OEM 4300K HID and t...
May 08, 2013, 12:20:33 PM by EcoPowerParts
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I just converted my factory BoV to FTA on my Flex today.
What does this do for you?
Nothing but making a PFFFFT noise when you lift the throttle under boost.
Is there any downsides to this?
No, the car is speed desnsity so releasing the air from the turbos to atmosphere when the blow off valves open does not negatively impact the tune, factory or modified.

BTW, I couldn't find 1" vacuum "nipples" to block off the factory tubing so I went to Home Depot and search...
July 05, 2013, 07:59:33 AM by bpd1151
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Here is my write up on "how-to" remove the front bumper clip from your 2010+ Taurus / SHO.

First, compile the following items / tools:

Floor jack and stands (unless you have access to a lift)
Lug wrench (to aid in removing the front tires)
Philips Screwdriver
Flathead Screwdriver (x2)
Pair of pliers
Socket set (you will only be using an 8mm & 10mm socket)

The following items below albeit not "necessary" cer...
July 05, 2013, 08:35:17 AM by bpd1151
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Here is my Official "How-To" on Retro-Fitting the 2013 Aux Tranny Cooler onto the 2010-2012 SHO / EB 3.5 V6 Motor.....

1st, this install was performed on a NON ACC EQUIPPED car. For those of you with ACC, you will have to either consider relocating the ACC radar itself to an entirely new location, or possibly doing away with it altogether. The verdict is still out on where to place, or what exactly to do with the ACC radar as this mod is still relatively new, (having bee...
June 30, 2013, 04:57:16 PM by EcoPowerParts
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Originally posted by TSS

]There are other threads discussing this, but I thought a dedicated thread with instructions might help others. I have received so much help here that it is payback time, finally, with me posting info that may help others (versus the other way around). :)

I did this last night in my MKS, and I have a 3 out of 10 skill level. The whole procedure took me about 15 minutes thanks to tips from others on this forum (parti...
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