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General Discussion / Re: Adaptive Cruise & Aftermarket Grille
« Last post by ryanp49 on Today at 08:42:24 PM »
It doesn't...so I 'm making a custom mount to mount it behind the bumper cover that is directly above the stock location. So it will be in between the top and bottom grille. We don't get too much snow here in TN so I shouldn't have to worry about snow building up...but I think the stock location is rather low. So I can see how it can become easily blocked with snow and slush.
General Discussion / Re: Mustang with hood corrosion 2015????
« Last post by jmr061 on Today at 07:43:58 PM »
There have been tsbs on older my mustangs for this issue, haven't there?

Ford only covers perforating rust.

Actually no longer true.  Some 16 models (not Mustang) and probably (just an educated guess) all 17s (includes Mustang) and up no longer require perforation on aluminum panels.  Still 5 yrs/unlimited mileage.

Yes this should upset the OP.  Ford has recognized the issue as being a warranty item but isn't making it retroactive for for older cars.
General Discussion / Re: SHO Puddle Lamps
« Last post by shoNoff on Today at 07:00:22 PM »
Just installed mine tonight. Most likely going to rotate the sho but Iím very pleased.
General Discussion / Re: Random Pics o' The Day
« Last post by shoNoff on Today at 06:54:26 PM »
At the track with my dad a couple weeks ago
Exhaust Systems / Re: Definitive EcoBoost Exhaust Sound Thread
« Last post by ZSHO on Today at 01:26:29 PM »

Drivetrain / Re: Driveline swap from 15 sho into 10 sho??
« Last post by SHOdded on Today at 05:53:44 AM »
As long as you do actually drive it!
Got my Father's Day present from Livernois.   Happy Happy Happy!

NICE! Are you going to have it properly welded? or do the clamps that come with it work well enough?

Going to use there clamps.  Not hodge podging like whats on the car now.
Here's some friendly advice! Don't over torque those band clamps ! There highly sensitive IMO & follow the owner's manual Torque Spec's!!  Enjoy the exhaust. BTW did end up making a quick amateur exhaust video! Currently on my phone. Z

<a href="https://youtu.be/Ot_2weNDqeQ" target="_blank" class="new_win">https://youtu.be/Ot_2weNDqeQ</a>
General Information / Re: Power per mod discussion
« Last post by jbrown9999 on Today at 12:52:50 AM »
One thing I haven't seen is the Silver Bullet.  I think it works.
General Information / Re: I have a dumb Performance Question
« Last post by mjhpadi on June 18, 2018, 09:40:09 PM »
There has been some trial and error attempted with upgrading the transmission...unfortunately those that I am aware of all turned out to be errors with nothing successful improving the trans....
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